PS2PDF EngineĀ© Released!

A desktop application to process your files privately.
  • Your important files will never leave your computer to keep your privacy protected
  • Support advanced encoders such as VP9 and H.265
  • No more waiting for file uploads and queues
  • No Adverticements

How To Convert Word (DOCX, DOC) to PDF

On average it takes 30 seconds to convert a file
  1. 1. Select MS Office DOCX, DOC Word files

    Click on the large blue button on the page to select Word files to be converted.

  2. 2. Press on the "Convert" at the bottom to convert Word to PDF

    Files will be uploaded to our backend server and immidiately start the convertion process.

  3. 3. Download PDF files

    You can download converted DOCX, DOC files as PDF file or ZIP file of that PDF.